About our IT Services

Our Experience


Founded in 2008, we  have been exploiting top notch approaches in  providing the necessary IT security services. Over several years CWorld Security Ltd.  provides expert security training & formation as well as employment opportunities to professionals with required skill set. Our recruiting process focuses on talented people of diverse backgrounds and experiences who can innovate and achieve exceptional work.

Our Approach


The use of technology to aid your businesses in the digital age that we live in is inevitable. CWorld Security Ltd. makes use of  cutting-edge technology  in line with recommendation by the National Institute of Standard and Technology. This ensure that our team member provide expert services to your information systems based on federal processing standards.

We provide risk management to information systems in accordance with the Risk Management Framework of NIST -800 37 as recommended by the National Institute of Standard and Technology. NIST RMF is a well structured approach made of six steps: categorization, selection, implementation, assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring. This is the most comprehensive approach recommended by DoD to secure information systems. In addition to this, CWorld makes use of ISO 27000 series which is an international equivalence of FISMA.

Obtaining skills as a security operation center analyst is only best when practiced with enterprise standard technologies. CWorld exploits DoD approved tools to enrich team members with quality skill set that give them a competitive advantage within the IT world. Our team members come fully equipped and ready to hit the ground running.  

Why Us?

ur team members come to you as established, highly experienced networking and information security

We are serious about enhancing the security posture of your information systems. We ensure our team members come to you as established, highly experienced networking and information security professionals whose IT skills are rivaled only by their affinity for presenting complex material in an engaging and readily understandable way.

We have dynamic, innovative facilitators with the ability to illustrate concepts using real-world examples, vivid analogy and personal anecdotes. The quality of training provided by CWorld is the single most important aspect of our business and each member of our team has a vested interest in making sure that you and the members of your team get the skills and information needed to be successful.  

The commitment we have to our clients is personal. We are strong believers that our success depends on theirs. Because of this, our support department is ready to provide you with necessary information needed to ensure a wonderful relationship with our clients.