Security Operation center


The SOC is the centralized unit that deals with security issues in an organization. Don't miss out!

  What is SOC Analyst Training ?

  • The organizations are providing  SOC services to others companies and Organization has started their own SOC Operation.
  • SOC stands for Security Operation Center which used to monitor and respond to the cyber attack on their company network.
  • SOC Analyst (Person) will be responsible to work on SIEM (Security tool) for monitoring, analyzing and remediation

What you will learning in the Training 

  • Become The SOC BOSS In SOC  Operation
  • TCP/IP Procotol Suites with the  Detailed summary of Headers in Data Packet
  • Use Cases based on the Industry Standards, Helps Student to understand the attack which helps in the identification, Investigation, and Remediation of Cyber Attacks
  • Network and Security Device  Working, Cyber attacks and Remediation
  • Application attacks Identification, Investigation and Recommended solution
  • Windows Domain Controller  working and solution for the cyber attack on Authentication and  Exploitation.
  • Threat Hunting with the IOC's
  • SIEM Architecture and  Correlation Rule
  • SIEM Dashboard creation and  usage in the investigation
  • This course will be helpful for those who want to get a good job and knowledge in Cyber Security to earn money.

Training Benefits

  • SIEM Tool Experience - Learn the tool on which most of the cybersecurity professionals are working.
  • Real Time Attack Investigation Handle the real challenge faced by SOC Analyst professionals in their job responsibilities.
  • Interview Prepartion - Answer the scenario based interview question from our training.
  • Life-Time Training Access - Access to our training on your device (Mobile, Laptop, Tablet etc.) anytime anywhere.
  • Learn From Basic to Advaced - Learn the technology on which cybersecurity works and step followed by professionals to stop and prevent attacks in real time.